Warranty Management

The all-in-one construction software for automating your complaints process

Our Tarion compliant Warranty management system is the most effective feature of our software as it allows you to automate the tracking of warranty processes. Here are key features of the Tarion home builder warranty software

Manage Complaints Effectively

Our Tarion compliant home warranty management software gives you all the complaints in one place. You can track all complaints from one place without going back and forth between different dashboards.

Use Reminders to Keep Everyone Synchronized

Quickly get in touch with vendor and remind them about complaints to keep them up-to-date. You can send a text or email notification to the vendor for new or unresolved complaints.

Real-Time Dashboard

We offer a real-time dashboard with powerful features to both builders and vendor. You can use a dashboard to quickly track each and every complaint to speed up your complaint resolution process.

Store Your Document in the Cloud and Access it from Anywhere

We offer you cloud storage for storing your complaint documents. It means you can access your complaints data at any time from anywhere in the world.

Want to Use All-in-one BuilderMate Software?

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